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Children’s Freedom Initiative: Youth in Nursing Homes Seek Alternative Care

  by Joseph Shapiro December 9, 2010   In a hotel ballroom outside Atlanta, a young man glides his wheelchair to the front of the meeting room. With his twisted hand he hits a button on a small gray box attached to the front of the chair and a machine speaks for him. "I am Mathew Harp, and I am 22 years old." The voice from the machine is crisp, modulated and not too mechanical. Harp has a muscle disorder and cannot speak, so he types his speech into the machine. "I have a lot of special needs," he says, "and when I was 21 years old, I had to move into a nursing home because my mother and my sisters could not take care of me by themselves any longer." Picture a nursing home and you think of a place for the elderly. But yearly federal nursing home...Full Story »

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