Advocate In Your Community

Advocate In Your Community is a series of articles created to educate the public about disability rights issues for which Georgia Advocacy Office staff often receive technical assistance inquiries or complaints.  You can also use this information to recommend needed changes in your community by highlighting the information  to relevant authorities.  If you would like to read about an issue contact us.

Issue 1.  The Holidays are here and you decide to go on a shopping trip with your friend who uses a wheelchair.  When you get to your favorite store you realize you can barely get down the aisles because they are blocked with merchandise and displays.  Your friend is concerned that her wheelchair will get stuck so you decide to go elsewhere.  Click here to read more.

Issue 2.   Joe and Mary live in Harmony Gardens, a 15 unit apartment complex.  Joe, who is Deaf, just took possession of a hearing dog, which was trained by an organization specializing in the training of dogs for individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-blind, or Hard of Hearing.      The apartment complex manager has advised Joe of its “no pets” policy, and has given Joe thirty days to vacate the apartment or get rid of his hearing dog. Click here to read more.

Issue 3.  You have just moved into town and decide to drive around your new community to familiarize your self with the surrounding area.  During this trip you stop by your assigned poling site and discover it is NOT wheelchair accessible.  Click here to read more.