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Naomi Walker Fund

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Naomi Walker Fund

The Georgia Advocacy Office mourns the loss of one of our colleagues, Attorney Naomi Walker.  Naomi dedicated her entire adult life, over 20 years at the Georgia Advocacy Office, to fiercely fight for the rights of people with disabilities.  Her advocacy was particularly focused on strengthening individuals, families, and communities, by bringing children and adults with disabilities out of segregation, and through educating families and the broader community about the importance of valued social roles for people with disabilities, who were often vulnerable to being misunderstood or cast aside.

We are setting up a specific fund in Naomi’s name, dedicated to the continuation of the work she championed over the past few decades.

You can help by making a donation to the Naomi Walker Fund by clicking on “WHAT YOU CAN DO” and choose “Make A Donation” in the drop-down box.

ALL funds received benefit the Naomi Walker Fund in memory of our colleague, Attorney Naomi Walker.  Please consider a donation. Thank you for supporting the work of the Georgia Advocacy Office and the people we serve!

To learn more about Naomi and her work see:\2015\12\24&article=Ar02701



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