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Other Forms of Advocacy

Other Forms of Advocacy


Individual Advocacy is about representing another person’s cause as if it were your own.

Group Advocacy is about assisting a group of people who share a common concern.


Supporting people to develop stronger self-advocacy skills is one tool that is often used in both Individual Advocacy and Group Advocacy situations.


Self-Advocates are often called upon to participate in Systemic Advocacy and Legislative Advocacy.


Systemic Advocacy is about removing barriers by changing policies, rules, or regulations of an organization, agency, or government department or system of services such as transportation, housing, healthcare, employment, etc.


Legislative Advocacy is about communicating the importance of a policy issue or law to people who are in the position to change that policy or law.  Legislative Advocacy includes talking to a city council member about your community, writing letters to your state and US representative, or testifying in a legislative hearing on an issue.

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