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Participate in a Discussion about Self Advocacy

Do you have a self-advocacy project that you would like to undertake but are not sure of how to go about doing it? The Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) wants to support you in your efforts.


GAO will hold a discussion about self advocacy (date and time to be determined). We would like to hear about projects you would like to address. GAO staff attorneys Julie Kegley and Naomi Walker and nationally-known self advocate Cheri Mitchell will provide their expertise and technical support.


Here are some examples of issues you may want to address:

The light at the crosswalk near your house doesn’t stay green long enough, and you want to change it so that people with disabilities, including you, can have enough time to cross.

There is no curb cut at a street you need to cross.

Your favorite restaurant is inaccessible.

There are no accessible parking spots at your apartment complex.

The bus stop near your home is not accessible.

You feel that you have been discriminated against by a state or local government and/or a private business.


If you would like to attend this discussion*, please complete the application  and submit it to the Georgia Advocacy Office (see contact information on the project application). Attendance will be limited.

*Date and time to be determined


Please note that attendance at this discussion does not mean the GAO will provide legal representation to you on your self-advocacy work; nor does the GAO make any representation that attendance at this discussion will result in a favorable outcome for you in your self-advocacy.

Click here to complete the application.

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